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Browns Mill Golf Course Scorecard

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Hole #1

Aim on a line halfway between the pond on the left and the tree line on the right near the driving range. A water hazard (pond) awaits wayward balls on the left side, about 240 yards out. The green is guarded by a bunker on the right.


Hole #2

Trouble lurks on the left on this par 3. A bunker sits behind the back of the green, so club selection and accuracy are at a premium here.


Hole #3

One of the toughest par 4 holes in Atlanta—this straight uphill hole has out-of-bounds on the left and trouble on the right. A deep bunker guards the right side of the green, so accuracy off the tee is a must to have a chance at par!


Hole #4

A downhill par 4 with a slight dogleg to the right. The green slopes toward the player on the approach shot. 


Hole #5

This short par 4 demands an accurate right-to-left tee shot to avoid out-of-bounds on the right. The two-level green slopes toward the player on the approach shot, and is guarded by bunkers on the left and right.


Hole #6

The elevated tee makes this hole play shorter than its yardage, but with out-of-bounds on the left and trouble on the right, an accurate tee shot is essential. 


Hole #7

Although this is a straightaway par 4, you must avoid out-of-bounds on the left. The slightly elevated green is guarded by a bunker on the left. Hitting an approach near the green will leave you a delicate chip shot.


Hole #8

Accuracy off the tee is a premium with out-of-bounds to the left and right. Laying up on the second shot is your best option to avoid the pond on the right side of the fairway. Bunkers guard the green on the left and right. 


Hole #9

A right-to-left shot off the tee is encouraged to avoid out-of-bounds on the left. Missing your approach shot to the right of this elevated tee will have you facing a long greenside bunker shot.


Hole #10

This slight dogleg right par 5 is reachable in two, but be careful on your approach as ponds on the left and right of the green can quickly add strokes to your score.


Hole #11

This tough par 4 has a dogleg left and requires an accurate tee shot and some courage, as two greenside bunkers guard both sides of the green.


Hole #12

With this straightaway, short par 4, just play your favorite shot straight off this tee—grip it and rip it! The green slopes toward the player on the approach while a bunker on the right guards the green. 


Hole #13

It’s tempting to go for the green on the short par 4, so make sure that any players ahead of you have putted out before hitting, as the green is blind from the tee box.


Hole #14

This long par 3 will penalize any miss to the left. Miss to the left, and you may face a steep uphill pitch shot to a green that slopes away from the player. 


Hole #15

This long, downhill par 4 has out-of-bounds to the left off the tee. Missing your approach shot to the right may also bring the hazard into play. 


Hole #16

This hole doglegs to the left, and missing your tee shot to the right will bring the water hazard into play. The green is guarded by a bunker on the left and slopes toward the player on the approach shot, so it’s best to leave it short.


Hole #17

This green is well guarded by bunkers on the left and right. Flying this green may bring the water hazard behind the green into play.


Hole #18

The finishing hole at Browns Mill is a par 5 that doglegs slightly to the left and is reachable in two, but the water hazard lining the left side of the fairway makes a right-to-left shot ideal. A short approach may leave you with a long bunker shot, or delicate uphill pitch shot.

Back51617643538434517336452034532584673943543242134414161804923281653970.9 / 123
Middle50016142736533016035050233331284523793343091964243981624783132626069.6 / 120
Handicap5171915137311 18414162681210    
Par M/W534443454365444344353672  
Forward48413238432626412230745329827704233262812701723763621394262775554571.5 / 119
Handicap5171915137311 18414162681210    

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